Welcome to The Age Collective

A place where wisdom meets community, and age becomes a tapestry of inspiration.

Aging - A Universal Experience

In our journey of life, every breath we take moves us forward, connecting us all through the experience of aging. However, the concept of aging can be confusing and sometimes scary, making us uncertain about our later years. It is important we understand what it truly means to grow older. By embracing this knowledge, we empower ourselves to celebrate our lives, to inspire each other, and unite our communities against ageism. Let's embark on this journey knowing that we hold the key to a fulfilling and meaningful life, no matter our age.

How it Began

The Age Collective started in Edmonton, Alberta in December 2021 by sister duo Michelle and Shanuki Goonasekera to share a truthful and uplifting narrative about aging. It is a platform that amplifies the voices and experiences of people from all walks of life as they navigate the journey of aging. It all began with a humble Instagram account (@theagecollective), igniting conversations and sparking connections. The Age Collective expanded to this website in June 2023, where stories of aging continue to be told - fiercely and unapologetically.

The Power of Human Stories

We extend our deepest gratitude to the extraordinary individuals who fearlessly shared their captivating stories on The Age Collective. This project owes its very existence to the courage and vulnerability of these incredible humans. Through sharing their successes, challenges, and wisdom, these storytellers have illuminated the intricate tapestry of the aging journey, providing inspiration to those navigating their own journeys of growing older. Thank you for being the heartbeat of The Age Collective.