Kita, 23 yrs

Mar 24th 2022

“I feel like there’s contradicting views on aging in our society. On one hand, people don’t like old people because we don’t want to be reminded that we’re getting older and eventually becoming 'obsolete' but on the other hand, we appreciate the wisdom that comes with age. In the cosmetics and beauty industry, there are many advertisements about products that prevent aging – even sunscreen; it’s good for your skin and preventing skin cancer. But people also wear it to prevent aging because we think others might not see or respect us the same way or will stop paying attention to us. In this society, aging is something that is frowned upon.

I have a journal and I try to write as much as I can. You can see throughout the years how my perspective on life has changed, and in a sense that is aging too. I am mentally aging, and my viewpoints change. With the development of smart phones and being able to take photos, we try to capture as many memories as possible, and that also helps me to remember and have a treasure chest of things I can reflect on in the future.

I think forming meaningful relationships is important too. The more relationships you form, the more of a social network you have. If you have a constant circle of support that you can fall back on when you grow older, it doesn’t feel like aging is a bad thing. It feels like you’re growing with your group, so it makes it very comfortable. As of right now, I am trying to form a circle where I can have people to celebrate my life with.

I think we need to stop viewing aging in such a negative light. I think too many young people see aging as a bad thing, like myself, when we think, 'oh, the health is going to be bad, we’re not going to be able to travel, we won’t be able to go out, we need help'. I think that’s a misconception because there’s a lot of healthy old people out there. I think as long as people start realizing that the world doesn’t end after 70, we will be alright.”