Janet, 59 yrs

Sep 18th 2022

"I didn’t think about aging until I suddenly lost my eyesight in one eye in 2019. I can see well now, but my right eye is a little weaker than my left. I also tend to forget things more these days. When I was young, I had a photographic memory. I still have that capability, but sometimes I forget where I left things, and only remember a few days later. I also used to run marathons but can no longer do so because of my eye issue. I still carry out light workouts, like walking and swimming. I found that with aging, you’re just changing your lifestyle a bit. My heart is still young, but my physical body and the biological clock are telling me otherwise.

Aging can affect you very negatively if you don’t have the right perspective. I think it’s nice to get senior discounts on admissions to concerts or museums. I see aging as a positive thing because I’m a very optimistic person. I know I can’t run a marathon now, but I can probably powerwalk for 5 km. With age, you learn to practice self-control; even though you want to do things a certain way, you must keep yourself grounded, know your limits, and adjust accordingly. You also learn to look after yourself better.

If you get out of your comfort zone, you can do great things. What keeps me young is travelling, and I often plan trips and travel to destinations on my own. I travel to Vancouver often because my family and friends are there. Some of my friends have lost their spouses, so it's important to reconnect and work through that bereavement together. A good friend system is essential for overcoming the challenges of aging.

I’m not scared of death. I’m a strong Christian so I believe God has given me many years of good life, so even if it’s time to go, I know it will be very peaceful. I achieved all the things I needed to do; I looked after my family well, I managed my career and remained strongly involved in my church. I was a deacon and treasurer for a church of 2500 people. I’ve lived a well-rounded life. There’s really nothing holding me back. Life is a cycle and death is normal. You must move on and make room for the next generation. There's nothing you can do but enjoy the process."

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