Jay, 81 yrs

Aug 6th 2023

“I was born and raised in Madras, South India. As a youngster, I was keenly interested in all forms of sports. I was a very good athlete and did well in school and university. My parents were educators and we immigrated to Canada in 1961. I encountered some trouble in getting into university in Edmonton, Alberta. I started working and saved enough money to take courses that were available to me. I worked in the Traffic Operations Department in the City of Edmonton. It was a good move and I did well.

My wife and I live in Beaumont which is very pleasant. We both love gardening and live a simple life. I have some medical issues and I look after it as best I can with the help of my wife and the doctors.

Canada is a wonderful country and Canadians are very nice people. All in all, it has been a good experience for me to come to Canada. I love golf but am unable to play golf because of my sciatica. I enjoy gardening so I spend most of the summer growing vegetables.”