Eleana, 52 yrs

Feb 6th 2022

“Having to go through changes with age is very difficult, especially when you always compare yourself to your younger version. I worry about wrinkles and the graying of my hair all the time, which I try my best to hide. I worry about not being able to move my body the way I used to or feeling trapped. But I’m slowly learning to see aging in a different light. Some of the older adults I interact with at work have helped me realize that aging doesn’t necessarily mean losing everything. Some of them remain healthy, strong, and independent, even well into their 90s. I think that’s an easy thing to overlook because we tend to treat older adults as a group, rather than seeing them as individuals.

I want to be comfortable with my age and the changes that come from it. In my culture, we view older adults as a symbol of respect, knowledge, and honour. Sometimes I lose sight of that living in Canada, since things work differently here.”